An introduction!

Welcome to online BAETS journal club!

We aim to present and discuss manuscripts on thyroid and/or parathyroid disease published in peer reviewed literature. The emphasis will be on recently published papers; although on occasion, clinically significant articles from the past that had a significant impact will also be discussed.

The title of the article to be discussed will be presented along with a link to its PubMed page. A summary will also be provided in a format similar to that used by the WikiJournalClub – The article will then be open for discussion for 30 days, following which the discussion will be summarised and the page closed for discussion. We hope to continue the process on a regular basis.

We welcome your presence in this forum. Please participate in the discussions keeping in mind that this is an open forum. All posts will be moderated to exclude those with inappropriate content. 

If you wish for an article to be discussed, please enter the details in the comment section of the blog or send the url of the article to #baetsjc .

Keeping up to date with published literature in our area of clinical practice is becoming difficult, if not impossible. Taking part in journal clubs on a regular basis is one way of trying to achieve this!